Lodge Lighting and Decor

Lodges are a very different and unique style of construction as compared to traditional homes or even cabins. Although the  word "lodge" can signify varying styles, the overall consensus is that it signifies a larger style of building, one that can be either a private home or a commercial motel/hotel.  Lodges almost always are built to a more hand crafted and rustic style with exposed wood beams and oversized rooms with tall ceilings and massive fireplaces.  Most lodges are designed to be comfortable, laid back and more casual in nature. Therefore,  lodge style lighting needs to be very rustic and nature oriented, with animal or forest motifs. Traditional brass fixtures or contemporary styles of lighting will look very out of place.  With the large open rooms and wood walls, it is crucial to provide lots of quality lighting that will show off the beauty of your lodge, and provide adequate task lighting. Wood, especially dark wood, absorbs light and requires at least 50% more output for the same effect.  Lodge or cabin style lights also need to be larger than normal to fill the tall ceiling and not look dwarfed.  Even a large 36" diameter chandelier will look small on a 25' ceiling.  Ceiling fans for lodges or large cabins have the same requirements and should share the same rustic and size qualities of the lighting. Another consideration in lodges and cabins, is to make sure the fans clear any low hanging log beams and supports. Many electricians also hang the fans from the overhead beams, so they are lower then you may think.

At Kiva Lighting, we work with cabin and lodge builders  on a daily basis and can help you design a lighting package to complement your new or remodeled project. We carry the widest selection of lodge and cabin lighting anywhere at low internet prices. Our exclusive Copper Canyon rustic and cabin lights are usually half the price of similar models and offer more options and features then anyone else on the market.  Decorative rustic lights are an important part of your home and we can help.  Choose from the following lodge, cabin and rustic lighting categories and feel free to contact us if you have any specific questions, ideas or would like to place an order.
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