Antler Lighting and Antler Chandeliers

Antler lighting is a wonderful way to light up any rustic home, lodge or commercial business. Antlers have been used for hundreds of years for lighting, originally with candles! These antler style lights come in a multitude of styles and options. Faux antlers have become especially popular, as the price has fallen and the quality has risen to the point of them becoming practically indistinguishable from the real ones. Faux antler lights also tend to be less fragile and easier to work with. Antler lights are available in practically any size and configuration. Styles include white tail deer, elk, and moose. Our antler lighting and chandeliers are another way to add nature to your home. Combine popular rustic lighting with antler lighting models for the best of both designs.

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MC79 Faux antler light kit
MC 79 Faux Antler Light Kit
and Ceiling Light

from $108.30
CMX1611 antler ceiling light
CMX1611-EB Faux Antler
Ceiling Light

from $90
VAC0020 Faux Antler Ceiling
 Light in 12" and 17" Diameters

  from $154

VACF33012NS  Faux Antler Ceiling Light in 12" and 16" Diameters

  from $134
Craftmade Antler 2 Light Vanity Light
CM19412 Series
of Faux Antler Lighting
Available in
1, 2, and 3 light models

from $87

VAWL33041NS Series of Faux Antler Lighting  Available in 1 and 2 light models

from $90
Faux antler wall sconce
VAW0033 Faux Antler wall
sconce and Bathroom Light
Available in 1, 2 and
3 light models

  from $120

VAPD33082NS Faux antler
pool table or island light

from $84

VAWS33054NS Faux Antler and glass wall sconce

from $94
faux antler chandelier
VAH0014 Faux Antler 9 Light chandelier - Available in 1, 3, 6, 9 and 12 light models

  from $414

VAH0013 Faux Antler chandelier
 Available in 1, 3, 6, 9 and 15
light models

  from $84
faux antler mini chandelier
KVLK580 Faux Antler 4 light
mini chandelier

from $149
faux antler 3 light chandelier
VAH0013 Faux Antler chandelier
 Available in 1, 3, 6, 9 and 12
light models

  from $414

CHDE6 Faux Antler chandelier Available in 5, 6, 9,12,15 and 18 light models

     Made in USA
  from $336
Antler Chandeliers and lights
The CHD Faux Antler Series
22 different models

  Made in USA
from $336
anlter style chandelier
CHDE6 Faux Antler chandelier  Available in 9,12,15 and 21 light models

  Made in USA
  from $577
faux antler pool table light VAH0015 Faux Antler pool table or Island Light
from $588
SP Vanity Antler Light
SP2691-4 Antler Vanity Light

  Made in USA
from $443.20
SP Antler Sconce
SP2378-91 Timber Ridge Antler Wall Sconce

  Made in USA
from $344
SP Antler Sconce
SP2380-91 Lone Antler Wall Sconce

  Made in USA
from $332.80
SP Antler Sconce
SP9491 Antler Vegas Wall Sconce

  Made in USA
from $291.20

With the growing popularity of natural log cabins and other rustic styles of construction, authentically rustic lighting is important to carry on the theme. Antler lighting is one of the few materials and styles of lighting that occurs in nature and is both rustic and western in style. It works amazingly well in cabins and restaurants looking for that style. We carry a wide assortment of both real and faux antler lighting to offer the widest variety and best prices.