Copper Canyon PEM150 Series

made in usa

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Here is a new product that is universal in its appeal and practicality. It is a complete family of pendants through pool table lights that offer unparalleled design and color options, and lower prices than anywhere else. Each is hand made to order in America exactly to your specifications for a truly one of a kind light. Customize it with most any design and color scheme to fit your home or lodge.

PEM150 PEM150

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Pricing: Square: 9" - $139   15" - $179   17" - $199  
Pool Table: 24" - $429   36" - $579   48" - $879, 60" - $989, 72"- $1149   60" and 72" models must ship by truck, please call for a freight quote.
Canopy: 24" - $75
   36" - $95   48" - $115   60" - $135  

Additional Chain for Pendants is available at $15 /yard.

Dimensions: Small: 9" square x 6" T,  Medium - 15" square by 8" T, Large- 17" square by 11" T.
Pool table lights come in 24", 36" and 48" lengths by 14" wide and 15" tall.
pem150-figures_2_small pem150-animals_small
Western/Cowboy Nature/Rustic
Models come in a variety of designs. The small pendants only have room for single figures, while the larger ones come with the popular tracks designs as shown here.  Any of the single figures from the tracks designs can be used on the 9" pendants. The pool table lights offer up to 4 different figures and each has the matching tracks below the main panel. For designs with no tracks, such as fish, we will insert either an arrow design or a matching plain mica or acrylic panel. Advanced features include a unique mounting and balancing system that converts the pool table light to just one chain to make it easier to hang, especially from taller ceilings.
Color Choices:

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Choose from any of the hand painted faux finishes to complement your decor.

Trees can be painted green on any design with trees at no extra cost.

liner - white acrylic.jpg liner- beige acrylic.jpg liner mica silver.jpg liner mica.jpg liner-suede.jpg m120_with_parchment_liner.jpg
White Acrylic Ivory Acrylic Silver Mica Amber Mica Suede Acrylic Parchment Acrylic
Bulbs: 9" wide -1-75W regular bulb, 15" wide - 1-100W regular bulb, 17.5" wide - 1-100 W regular bulb. 

Pool table style lights:        
1-75W regular bulb per socket, with the 24"- 2 sockets, 36" - 4 sockets, 48" - 5 sockets, 60"- 6 sockets, 72" - 7 sockets.
Mounting: All lights include complete mounting hardware, 3' of chain, 9' of wire and matching ceiling canopy for easy mounting to standard electrical box. 
Delivery Time: Averages 3 weeks.  Rush delivery of 1.5 weeks plus shipping is available for a 20% up charge - Please call for details

To Order
Choose your Design - Color - Tree Color (if any) - Lens Color - Options
Call us at (800) 275-5482    8 A.M. - 5:30 P.M. Mountain Time to place an order.


Sample Pictures - Click to Enlarge

pem150-8-409-c128 amber mica.jpg pem150-9-deer- silver mica.jpg pem150-15-moose 2- c128 silver mica.jpg peg805-17 elk and moose design-c128.jpg pem150-17-bears-c154-silver mica.jpg
PEM150-9-with roper in color C127 and amber mica PEM150-9-with deer in color C100 and silver mica  PEM150-17-with moose in color C128 and silver mica   PEM150-17-with elk and moose design in color C128 and amber mica PEM150-17-with bear designs in color C154 and silver mica
pem150-17-cougar and wolf-c154-amber mica.jpg images/pem150-15-fisherman and trees-C128-ivory liner.jpg images/PEM150-15-cabin and moose design-c154- amber mica liner.jpg pem1-9-bear and elk baby design-c101.jpg products/PEM150-17-Branches-C146-Amber_mica_big.jpg
PEM150-17-with cougar and wolf designs in color C154 and amber mica PEM150-15-with fisherman and trees in color C128 and ivory liner PEM150-17-with cabin and moose design in color C154 and amber mica liner PEM150-9-bear and elk/baby in C101 and white liner PEM150-17-with twigs in color C146 and amber mica liner

New PEM150 Island/Pool Table Lights

New PEM150-36
New Version of PEM150-36 with Rodeo design in color C027 and Ivory Acrylic
KVPEM150-48 Pool Table Light
New Version of PEM150-48 with custom scene in color C154 and Amber Mica
KVPEM150-48 Island Light
New Version of PEM150-48 with custom scene in color C154 and Amber Mica
PEM150-48 with custom Rodeo scene in color C140 and Suede Acrylic
PEM150-24 Running Horse
New Version of PEM150-24 with Running Horse scene in color C140 and Amber Mica

The PEM150 Island/Pool Table Lights are now made as shown in the section above.
These images below are to display sample designs only

pem150-36 moose design-custom color-amber mica.jpg
PEM150-36-with moose and buffalo design and amber mica
pem1-36 buffalo side view custom color.jpg
PEM150-36-with moose and buffalo design and amber mica
pem150-24 -bears and moose-c128-am mica.jpg
PEM150-24 with bear and moose and amber mica
pem150-48 c154 horses amber mica.jpg
PEM150-48 with running horses -amber mica
pem150-48 c154 horses side 2 amber mica.jpg
PEM150-48 with running horses -amber mica- side 2
  images/PEM150-48-DEER-C154-SILVER MICA.jpg
pem150-48 with deer design
in color C154 and silver mica liner

For the pool table lights, 24"-72" long, choose from Deer, Bear, Elk, Moose, Horses, Cowboys, Wolves, Fisherman, Trees or Pine Cones. You can also mix the designs such as bears and elk. Each design has 4 different figures, 1 per side for greater variety.

PEM IslandCanopy
Island/Pool Table Light
Ceiling Canopy
9 " L x 5.5" W.