Rustic and Western Switch Plates

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We offer a full range of Rustic and Western switch plate covers with almost all of our animal and many cowboy/western designs. They come in a wide assortment of Rustic, Lodge and Western themes to fit any decor. These covers are precision cut and welded using sturdy 14 gauge steel, then hand painted in any of our popular colors C001 to C162. The colors C2001M through C2011M are not available. We make these Rustic style switch plates larger then the standard ones to cover up any sheet rock or paint flaws commonly found when pulling off the original covers. The switch plates are not reversible, so on specific models such as the SW02, please specify which way you need the cover to show. All of the cover variations are available from the bottom of the page with any of our figures show below. The Rustic, Western and Lodge style switch plate covers are $35 in any size or painted finish. When measuring, be sure there is enough room on the sides and top for the switch plates to fit. With the larger figures, such as the eagle, the entire plate is 11" tall.

A single switch/outlet cover with no design is 4.5" Wide x 5.75" Tall

Model RUSW +toggle # / rocker # / outlet # + Design + Color

(See Switch Layouts & Designs Sheets Below sample pictures)

Standard versus
our design
RUSWT1 in C154
Design CO7
Design CO18
RUSWT3 in C128
Design HO1
RUSWT4 in C152
Design CO15
RUSWR1 in C152 w no design
Plain (No Design)
RUSWR2 in C027
Design HO1
5 rocker model not shown not shown

Single plate with
hole for cable wire

RUSWR3 in C032
Design ST1
RUSWR4 in C146
Design MO4 (Reversed)
Design BE1 (Reversed)
RUSWO2 in C140
Design EL3
RUSWT1O1 in C127
Design EA1 (Reversed)
cable jack
RUSWT2R1 in C154
Design CO19
All models :  $35

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Color Matched Switch Plate Covers
All of the following switch plates are $18 each. These are hand painted plastic to match our Copper Canyon line of lighting and accessories.

Painted C128

Painted C140

Sample Painted switch plates - Screws not shown but painted to match

Choose from the Covers Below

switch plate covers
 All Models : $12

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Call us at (800) 275-5482 8 A.M. - 5:30 P.M. Mountain Time to place an order.

  Switch Layouts 
  Western Designs Rustic and Nature Designs Switch Plate Layouts
Not all designs fit on all switch plates - larger figures such as CO19 & CO20 will not fit on the Single or Double switch plates.
Color Choices:

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Choose from any of the hand painted faux finishes to complement your decor.


C027 - Wrought Iron Black

C032 - Dark

C032A - Dark
Bronze with Rust Accents

C099 - Black w/ Blue Green & Copper Accents
C099A - Blue Green & Copper
on Black

C100 - Dark Green on Black, Light Green Accents

C101 - Dark
Green mottled over Rust

C121 - Swirled rust over black

C127 - Rust mottled over Black
C127A - Black
with Rust

C128 - Rusty Red with copper accent

C139 - Antique Bronze Glazed Copper

C140 - Dark
Brown mottled over

C146 - Dark
Dark Brown on Rust

C153 - Dark
Bronze mottled on Black

Dark bronze and copper Collage

C154 - Copper
mottled over  Black

C166 - Copper w/ Gold, Black & Brown Accents

C167 - Antique Silver on Black

C169 - Light Pine
(Ivory & Yellow)